Most people just want a local government that does the job without costing too much… a government that just does the basics and leaves the politics to Sacramento and Washington.

That’s what I want and that’s why I’m running.

I’ve never been accused of being shy, or beating around the bush. I’ll tell you what I think. I do what I say. If I’m wrong I’ll shake your hand and try to fix the problem. No BS. I’ll put my head down and lean into whatever job I’m given.

As Supervisor I want to:

  • Hire enough Deputy Sheriffs to put criminals behind bars
  • Clean up the homeless camps, and get them drug and mental health help so they don’t end up there again
  • Fix the potholes in our roads
  • Be fiscally responsible so you keep more money in your pocket

This isn’t rocket science. It’s not the West Wing tv show. It’s just common sense.

Give me a call on my cell phone if you have a question at 209-373-9081

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